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Abbey Veterinary Surgery is an independent privately owned practice, providing quality care for pets on and around the Isle of Sheppey.


We are the only practice on the island that is not part of a larger group.


It is our aim to provide quality care to the animal entrusted to us. In order to do so we use up-to-date equipment and methods, whilst at the same time preserving the old fashioned values of personal care to the animals and their owners. We endeavour to keep owners well informed of their animal’s condition, treatment and progress. We place an emphasis on applying modern diagnostic techniques to allow us to apply the most appropriate care for your pet.

































































































Welcoming Our New Vet Gemma











We would like to welcome Gemma Hoffman as a new member of the team at Abbey Veterinary Surgery. Gemma qualified as a vet from the Royal Veterinary College in 2014 and has been working at a clinic in Sidcup. When not at work she enjoys baking and crafts. Read more.













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Dry Eye Promotion











We are currently running a dry-eye awareness campaign to draw owners’ attention to this problem which can affect 1  in 22 dogs. Dry eye is caused by a decrease in the level of tear production in the eyes. As well as lubrication, tears provide nutrients and protection for the surface of the eyes. Where there are not enough tears the eyes become uncomfortable and more prone to infection or ulcers.  Read more.













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